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April, 2024

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Elsie is Geoff Lea‘s Hans Christian 33. Last year he sailed her to Fiordland and Stewart Island in New Zealand, returning via the South Island‘s east coast, Lord Howe Island and Coffs Harbour. He won the Club‘s 2023 Cruise of the Year.

Frederick Henry Bay Gathering Point west of Betsey Island
11:00 AM
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The annual CYCT event to get your collective brains ticking over in a very nautical manner. Our inspired ex-naval crew onboard Southern Expolorer will this year be presenting participants with a veriety of questions to test your navigation skills, seamanship skills, observation skills and communication skills. (The latter is to ensure harmony onboard your vessel !)
The Navigation Cruise has been designed, my crew and I have spent 6 days doing this, what I can tell you so far is this-
It will be in the Frederick Henry Bay Area
It is recommended you have Chart AUS 171
A copy or good knowledge of the COL Regs
With a time limit of around 3 hours and the first boat starting at 1100 on Saturday 13th
I encourage families to get involved, so bring your kids along as there will be prizes for the best score with children under 16
Bring your sense of adventure!
Prizes- Boy have I got a bag full for you, to date up around the $3000.00 mark
With a bit of luck and a lot of work from my crew, the winners will be announced at the wind-up BBQ aboard Southern Explorer Sat Night
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Taking in the Anzac Day public holiday, spend a week cruising around the peninsula. Lots of anchorages, lots to do. A fullmoon to enhance the evenings. CC TBA.