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PFDs : LIFE JACKETS new regulations

Tony Peach  | Published on 2/16/2018

New Standard Life Jackets required on all boats in Tasmania by 2020.

Everyone who owns a life jacket must, by December 2020, replace jackets labelled with the old Australian Standards numbers, 1512, 1499 and 2260. This Australian Standard was made redundant in 2010 and will all be written out of legislation in the year 2020.
All life jackets in use on Tasmanian boats will need to adhere to the new standard AS4758.1, by 1 January 2021. MAST has “grandfathered “ the older styled jackets for 10 years.


You are allowed to service your own inflatable vests, collars, jackets providing you adhere to strict guidelines.
MARLIN Australia has published a very comprehensive guide to the necessary procedures, and that  information can be located here